Solid wood flooring


Parla solid wood floorings are natural wood at its most beautiful form. Wooden floor is pleasant, warm and durable in use and it is comfortable and elegant choice for your home and holiday home. for both a traditional and a modern home or for a holiday home.

The wood flooring draws the attention both in a modern or more traditional furnishing. Parla selection consists of various alternatives concerning the structure and the appearance of the floor. Solid wood floorings are made of Finnish pine.

Choose an ecological alternative! Real wood is proven to improve the quality of indoor air and it´s benefits for the environment are undeniable.



  • Traditional solid wood structure 26x137x2200 mm: Completely solid wood boards. Surface treatment: unfinished and lacquered.
  • Stable 3-layer structure 26x137x2200 mm: Symmetrical 3-layer structure ensures the stability of the floor. Plywood in the middle surrounded by 6 mm thick bottom layer and surface layer. Surface treatment: unfinished and lacquered.
  • Impressive glued structure 26x200x2000 mm: Broad floorboard, glued together from five slats. The glued structure reduces the natural expanding and contracting of the wood significantrly. Surface treatment: unfinished and lacquered.
  • Plywood structure 21x137x2200 mm: 6 mm thick surface layer, underneath a bottom layer made of plywood. Suitable for floating installation. Surface treatment: unfinished and lacquered.




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